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FSC Operating Codes of Practice

The following is a list of the FSC's Operational Codes of Practice. Please note: to view the documents, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

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OCoP P01 Out of Classroom Generic Risk Assessments
OCoP P01 - Appendix 1: Visit Agreements
OCoP P01 - Appendix 2: Generic Out of Classroom Risk Assessment
OCoP P01 - Appendix 3: Generic Environment Risk Assessments
OCoP P01 - Appendix 4: Generic Non-AALA Activity Risk Assessments
OCoP P01 - Appendix 5: Generic AALA Activities Risk Assessment
OCoP P01 - Appendix 6: Externally provided Activities
OCoP P01 - Appendix 7: FSC Behaviour Standards
OCOP P01 - Appendix 8: Verification Guidance
OCoP P01 - Appendix 9: Safety Rucksack or Container
OCOP P01 - Appendix 10: Technical Equipment Policy
OCoP P01 - Appendix 11: Method Statements
OCoP P01 - Appendix 12: Outdoor Diseases
OCoP P01 - Appendix 13: Ropes Courses
OCoP P01 - Appendix 14 Geological Fieldwork Code
OCop P01 - Appendix 15 Holiday and After School Activities
OCoP P02 Risk Assessments for Educational Activities
OCoP P02 - Appendix 1: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Template
OCoP P03 Groups Under Remote Supervision [GURS]
OCoP P03 - Appendix 1 Obtaining Permission
OCoP P04 Missing Personnel in the Field
OCoP P04 - Appendix 1: Risk Assessment Procedure
OCoP P05 Small Boat Safety Inshore Waters
OCoP P06 Use of Boats on Inland Waters
OCoP P06 - Appendix 1: Canoeing
OCoP P06 - Appendix 2: Rafting
OCoP P07 Recreational Swimming and Bathing
OCoP P07 - Appendix 1: Guidance Information
OCoP P07 - Appendix 2: National Guidance - Natural Water Bathing
OCoP P07 - Appendix 3: National Guidance - Swimming Pools
OCOP P08 Issuing Medication
OCoP P09 Safeguarding Children And Vulnerable Adults