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In 1943 FSC’s founders gathered at the Natural History Museum in London to realise a vision ‘to provide the opportunity to study living plants and animals in their natural environment’. From that initial meeting the Council for the Promotion of Field Studies (now Field Studies Council) was born. 

Over 70 years later, FSC believes the more we know about and take inspiration from the world around us the more we can appreciate its needs and protect its diversity and beauty for future generations.

We are passionate about our cause and our long-standing history of helping people develop their knowledge of geology, landscape, living organisms and how to manage and conserve our heritage.

This passion has supported us in our provision of field centres, networks of Associate Tutors, facilities and resources for further understanding and the drive to include biodiversity education into all our work. From this, we have developed a series of projects, education and training courses, identification and ecological and geographical publications and aim to continue to grow and develop our own understanding to further understand our environment and help others to do  the same.

Current Projects


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Tomorrow's Biodiversity

Past Projects

Biodiversity Training Project

Invertebrate Challenge


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Biodiversity Learning Manager
Sue Townsend [email protected]

Tomorrows Biodiversity Project Officer
Richard Burkmar [email protected]

Tomorrows Biodiversity Project Assistant
Charlie Bell [email protected]

Biodiversity Education Officer
Sara Lanyon [email protected]

FSC Publications
Rebecca Farley [email protected]


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