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Building Hotels

Our team has been busy building Insect Hotels in selected school grounds ready for the new school year. We are hoping to improve biodiversity and allow continued outdoor learning. Let’s hope the insects enjoy their stay!

The three year Learning for Biodiversity Project is funded by The City Bridge Trust. The first year of the project involves us creating a ‘Micro Wildlife Habitat’ at the six east London primary schools involved. One aspect of the ‘Micro Wildlife Habitat’ is a 1m square insect hotel created using a range of nature materials such as pine cones, bamboo canes, logs, leaves, straw and stones stuffed inside stacked palettes. We are hoping that a variety of small creatures will take up residence including mason bees, centipedes, ladybirds, millipedes, amphibians and many more. The top level of the stack is a wild flower garden to attract bees, butterflies and other vital flying pollinators. In the second year of the project we aim to maintain the ‘Micro Wildlife Habitats’ and assist the teachers in using this and other parts of the school grounds for learning outside the classroom, with a focus on biodiversity teaching. Finally, in the third year of the project we will assist in developing biodiversity teaching within the school grounds and how the grounds may be further developed.

Thursday, October 6, 2011