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Discovering Epping Forest

‘Discovering Epping Forest’ is a forward thinking education programme, developed in partnership with the four education providers of the Forest: FSC Epping Forest Field Centre, Suntrap Forest Education, Epping Forest Centenary Trust and City of London. The three-year DEF programme is part of the HLF funded ‘Branching Out’ Project.

These are some of the things learners and teachers are saying about DEF: “One of the best days of my life” and “It was a brilliant and phenomenal trip and I really enjoyed it and I want to go back”. Teachers commented “Excellent, the children were engaged and showed enthusiasm in what they were learning” and “I thought the learning experiences were excellent. A range of learning styles were catered for”.

Discovering Epping Forest was launched in September 2009 and involves Year 5 classes from 25 local primary schools across the boroughs of Waltham Forest, Epping Forest, Redbridge and Newham. Over 750 school children per year will benefit from the experience of outdoor learning. The aim is to introduce pupils and teachers to the Forest as an accessible, exciting place to learn. Year 5 pupils study 6 modules over the academic year including modules on Introduction to Epping Forest, Exploring our Natural Heritage, Diversity and Ecosystems and Children as Stakeholders for the Future of Epping Forest.

Children become ‘Forest Guardians' after taking an active part in all six modules. The project also aims to help the teachers involved gain the confidence to lead groups in the field. To assist this particular aim, there is an emphasis on using areas of Epping Forest local to schools to make future visits easier. Following a successful launch year, the programme has been repeated in 2010 and will be followed by a final year in 2011.

Thursday, October 6, 2011