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Excellent Feedback

Teachers from all 25 schools in the Discovering Epping Forest project rated the overall experience in the highest category for Module One. We hope to continue this success as we and our partners complete the final year of the project.

Module 1 of the three year Discovering Epping Forest Project was first delivered in autumn 2009. Following a successful year of six modules, the programme was repeated in 2010 and has now begun its final year.

In Module 1 staff from Epping Forest Field Centre delivered the day at local sites within Epping Forest. Pupils (aged 9-10) took part in a variety of practical discovery-learning activities to find out more about Epping Forest.

Pupils gained a greater appreciation for Epping Forest, considered travel choices and their impacts on the environment, and used a variety of senses to discover more about the local trees and plants.

All accompanying school teachers with each class were given an evaluation form to complete at the end of Module 1. All the teachers gave the overall experience the highest score on a 5-point scale. They were also asked to give a brief quote about the day.
“A great outdoor learning experience. Children were engaged and enthusiastic”.
“The children have had an opportunity to develop their knowledge and experiences. This has had an impact in science and literacy”.
“Children were excited and motivated. They had a great first introduction to the Forest”.

Thursday, November 24, 2011