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Geography Under Control!

As many readers know, an important part of Secondary Geography is the Controlled Assessment. We have worked with schools to develop a range of GCSE Geography day courses, specifically for the Controlled Assessment titles set by AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. The Controlled Assessments give students a brilliant opportunity to take part in Fieldwork and put the theory they have learnt in the classroom into practice, it also gives them the chance to gain marks at the same time.

The purpose of each programme will be to enable students to plan and prepare for the controlled assessment in accordance with each awarding body's guidance for their year of entry.
Students will have an opportunity to extend research and undertake fieldwork in an appropriate environment in order to prepare their portfolio to take forward to the high control ‘write up’ phase of their controlled assessment.

Below is a list of the 2013 titles that students can collect data during a visit to Epping Forest Field Centre.

AQA A titles
• Investigate changes in the long profile(s) of a river.
• Investigate the factors affecting a deciduous woodland ecosystem.
• Investigate tourist honeypot site(s) within a locality.

Edexcel A 2013 titles
• Why does load vary downstream?
• Why is your chosen location attractive to tourists?

Edexcel B 2013 titles
• Geographical theory (such as the Bradshaw model) reliably predicts changes in observed river channel characteristics.
• The degree of flooding is influenced by both physical and human factors.
• Tourism ‘honeypots’ create significant challenges in National Parks and / or other rural areas.

WJEC A 2013 titles
• Variations in the characteristics of a chosen stretch of river.
• An investigation of the characteristics of an ecosystem at a local scale.
• The impacts of tourism on a local area.
• To what extent can the problem of flooding be managed effectively in a specified region? [RIVERS]

OCR B 2013 title
• How natural is the stretch of your chosen stream/river?

If the title you are looking for is not listed above or is a 2014 title please contact the Centre for more information.

Students studying Loughton Brook

A student investigating how geology affects rivers

Below are some comments from teachers who have brought their students to the Centre for controlled assessment data collection.
"This is my 10th visit and it always meets expectations and provides girls with the information and primary data required to complete good quality controlled assessments", teacher from Morehouse School.
"Excellent fieldwork - students learnt a great deal which will all be relevant to their controlled assessment write-up", teacher from Queen Elizabeth Girls School.

For more details and alternative controlled assessment titles ring 02085028500 or email [email protected]. Details of other Geography courses can be found at www.field-studies-council.org/centres/eppingforest/outdoorclassroom

Thursday, April 19, 2012