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Have EFFC staff got the skills to survive?

James and Tania spent two days in the heart of Epping Forest. Did they survive?

We are happy to say that both returned to the Centre in one piece having had a fantastic time practising their bushcraft skills. James and Tania were able to put their existing skills to use and develop additional valuable woodland living, wilderness survival and forest skills during a two-day Bushcraft Delivery Course funded by the Branching Out Project. Activities included fire lighting and building a natural shelter that they stayed in for the night.

At Epping Forest Field Centre we have been running a range of Survival Courses for at least two decades for both children and adults. Including:

Our popular Tribal Survival Safari runs during school holidays for children aged between 8 and 11. The children form tribes and discover what they would need to survive and work together to build a shelter.

During our Forest Survival birthday parties participants learn how to build shelters, fires and go on a scavenger hunt to learn about all the useful things found in the forest that will help their tribes survive.

The Survival Skills course gives scouts the opportunity to practise skills including shelter building and fire lighting that would help them to survive outdoors.

But it’s not just children that get to have all the fun! Shelter building, fire building and scavenger hunts are options in our Team-Building Programme for Adult Groups. We offer an excellent range of entertaining and informative activities providing organisations with a productive day out of the office environment.

Bushcraft course attendees

James in a shelter

This Bushcraft course is just one of a range of Continuing Professional Development opportunities for Centre staff this year. The course was also a great chance to work with staff from other partner organisations.
James and Tania were joined by Ash and Sarah from the Epping Forest Centenary Trust, Kerry and Laura from Suntrap, Senior Forest Keepers Andrew and Tristan, Forest Keepers Jordan and Brian and Alison the Community Liaison Officer for the Branching Out Project.

“Tania and I had a great time sharing and learning new skills with other organisations involved in the Branching Out Project. We are greatful for the City of London for arranging this course”. James Bromhead

To book a place on one of our survival courses please ring the Centre on 02085028500 or visit www.field-studies-council.org/centres/eppingforest.

Thursday, April 19, 2012