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Improving Investigations

Epping Forest Field Centre always aims to provide the best possible service to our schools and their students. In order to achieve this we continually review our programmes offered and regularly take guidance from Chief Examiners.

We have recently taken advice from the Unit 6 Chief Examiner of Edexcel and received feedback on student performance in relation to field centre provision. This consultation has resulted in some significant amendments to the Individual Investigation programme options we will be offering at the Centre.

The Individual Investigation programme incorporates a variety of quantitative and qualitative fieldwork sampling techniques to allow students to gain an understanding of the application and limitations of equipment and techniques in a range of habitats. Time is given for students to plan, collect preliminary data and undertake their own investigation.

There are three Individual Investigation programme options that teachers can choose from:

The Enhanced 5 day course enables students to sample more sites and habitats and have increased experience of sampling techniques in order to enhance their understanding of investigative processes.

The Standard 4 day course is the recommended minimum to allow students sufficient time to carry out their investigations and includes newly designed sessions aimed to ensure understanding of the importance preliminary data collection and how to use it and increase their awareness of a wide range of abiotic variables and measuring equipment.

The Basic 3 day course is for schools on a limited budget. This course comes with a compulsory pre-course pack to allow adequate time for students to plan and carry out their investigation during their visit to the Centre.

Due to the benefit of increasing the length of course for students, there is a different pricing structure for Individual Investigations. The new pricing structure should make longer courses more financially viable. For schools and colleges on a tight budget the Basic course pre-course pack has been designed to cover some vital work before visiting the forest and includes easy to follow teacher guidance notes and learning resources. The completion of the pre-course pack will then allow students to focus completely on the required practical elements in the short time they have at the centre.

Feedback from groups following the new programmes earlier this year has been very positive. We are confident that these new course programmes will result in a better service provision and provide students with an even better chance of achieving a good grade in their coursework.

The pricing structure can be found on the Epping Forest Field Centre website. Alternatively ring 020 8502 8500 or email [email protected] for more information.

Thursday, April 19, 2012