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Learning for Biodiversity for London families

The Learning for Biodiversity for Londoners project is an exciting new programme delivering learning for biodiversity (including education in classification and the science of taxonomy). The project addresses barriers to learning, takes learning closer to the learners and enhances the value of our work at our London outreach learning locations.

The Learning for Biodiversity for Londoners project, funded since 2010 by the City Bridge Trust, has created a step-change in the capacity of Epping Forest Field Centre to deliver biodiversity education in London. Timed to commence in the Decade of Biodiversity and to coincide with the Centre’s 40th anniversary the project was designed to inspire learning that will enable more Londoners to make a contribution to biodiversity in London. 

In the first year, we developed three one day courses (at Epping Forest Field Centre, at a local learning site and in the school grounds) and delivered the programme to six target partner schools in London.  The schools element of our project has already received terrific feedback:

“I just had to write to thank you for the amazing work done to our wildlife area.....it is absolutely superb…..the children will be so excited.  We will make sure we keep on top of it now.”

Head Teacher

"It was the best and amazing day of my life and it was the first time I have been to a forest and I completely loved it."

KS2 learner

In addition to formal education, in the first year we trialled family informal learning sessions and now in the second year we have provided informal learning (family and adult courses) for a diverse range of audiences at the key London learning sites.

A dragonfly nymph found in West Ham Park pond

Making seed bombs in West Ham Park

Feedback from our adult courses has been very encouraging with all participants stating that their experience matched or exceeded their expectations and 100% of participants agreed that the learning experience had lead to a significant increase in understanding in issues affecting the nature and quality of London’s environment and biodiversity, taxonomy and classification and identifying species for measuring biodiversity.

We are looking forward to making further progress in 2013, the final year of the project when we hope that we can achieve some lasting impacts with increased commitment to action for biodiversity, sustainability and effective habitat management.
The programme is now closed to schools, please contact the Centre to find out more about our Biodiversity programmes.

Visit the Events page on the Learning for Biodiversity website www.learningforbiodiversity.org.uk to find out more.  Places must be booked in advance please contact Epping Forest Field Centre on 020 8502 8500.

Saturday, June 23, 2012