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Lots of discoveries

Spring and Summer have been full of great discoveries by staff and visitors at Epping Forest Field Centre. The forest is teeming with life and we are keen to share our findings with you. Visit our Centre facebook and twitter (Epping Forest FSC) pages to view great photos taken by staff, volunteers and pupils.

  • See photos of what pupils have discovered during their school visit to the Centre. Hylands primary school Key stage 2 children found a toad and a great crested newt underneath logs. View close ups of a newt larvae, dragonfly nymph and beetle larva found by Henrietta Barnet pupils in the Centre ponds. Or take a look at a lesser stag beetle found by pupils from St Georges RC School.
  • Discover what adults have been studying on our Natural History and Leisure Learning courses including the Discovering Wildflowers course and the Identification of Grasses, Sedges and Rushes course.
  • Look at photos taken by pupils during our visits to outreach learning locations including trees in West Ham Park and swans in Wanstead Park and Highams Park.

Great photos aren’t the only reason to visit our social network pages:

  • Check what events are coming up including our family and children school holiday activities and our adult Natural History and Leisure Learning courses.
  • Find out what animals have been spotted in our Centre grounds – including a lizard on the reptile mound we renovated at the start of the year and a sparrowhawk that likes to keep a close eye on our compost heap.
  • Read birthday messages to children that come to the Centre to party with their friends.
  • Find out what the Centre staff are up to. Posts so far this year have included Anneke running the marathon, Rosie running the half marathon and a staff visit to the deer sanctuary in Epping Forest.

Discovering wildflowers

Common lizard on the reptile mound

We are very grateful to Ian Bradley for sending us great pictures of snakes and terrapins that he has seen. Have you got any photos of plants and animals taken during a visit to Epping Forest? If so we are keen to showcase them on our facebook and twitter pages.

Saturday, June 23, 2012