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Mark Cavendish at the Centre

2011 was a year filled with great things and there is much to look forwards to in 2012 …that’s Epping Forest Field Centre not just Mark Cavendish!

I was very pleased to capture this shot of the fastest man on two wheels at Epping Forest Field Centre wearing his World Champion shirt shortly before he deservedly became BBC Sports Personality of the Year. He had a fantastic year in 2011 with some awesome performances not least in ‘Le Tour’. I am sure that he will have a great 2012 with the Sky team and also with team GB at the Olympic Games, just down the road from us.
We didn’t do too badly ourselves in 2011, our 40th anniversary year with record numbers of delighted learners – see our 2011 Report for details.
We will be trying very hard to at least match our 2011 achievements in 2012 and we hope everyone who was here in 2011 returns…perhaps even the Manx Missile with a gold medal around his neck.
Best wishes to Cav and to all those who visited the Centre in 2011.
Steve Bunce (Head of Centre)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012