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New look management team

The Head of Centre at Epping Forest Field Centre, Steve Bunce is delighted with the progress of the Centre’s three Team Leaders; Anneke Kempton, Hannah Rose and Rosie Withill.

There have been significant staffing changes at Epping Forest Field Centre recently in response to Emma-Jane Saddler returning to Higher Education in the Autumn of 2010 and Helen Robertson taking up the post of Head of FSC London East (an amalgamation of FSC projects in East London based on ‘View Tube’ in the Olympic Park). Rather than recruiting replacements at Assistant Head of Centre level we are now operating with three team leaders.

All three have ‘stepped up’ really well to ensure continuity of service to our visitors and the delivery of the 2011 Plan and developmental objectives.

With reference to the 2011 Plan, Anneke Kempton holds the ‘External affairs and projects’ portfolio, Hannah Rose holds the ‘Systems’ portfolio and Rosie Withill holds the ‘Programmes and services’ portfolio. The three team leaders are all very capable of undertaking the ‘Duty supervisor’ role at the Centre and are well equipped to assume responsibility for day to day management although this is normally undertaken by Rosie as part of her programming responsibilities unless the role is otherwise allocated.

In addition to ensuring effective utilisation of the skills, experience and personal qualities of these valued colleagues the arrangement fits in better with the line management needs of staff, associate staff and volunteers and with the need for dispersed leadership to implement the agenda for development and continuous improvement of our services.

Thursday, October 6, 2011