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Science for all years

Get your pupils excited about Science from the very beginning by bringing your Year 7 classes to do ecology fieldwork. A visit to the Centre is also a great way to encourage Year 9 pupils to choose the triple Science option for GCSE or inspire A-level students to study biology at university.

There are lots of great reasons to do fieldwork at Epping forest Field Centre which apply to students of all ages.

  • Firstly it’s fun and memorable. Do you remember the first time you rolled a log to discover a toad or the time when you emptied your pond net and found a newt?
  • It’s an opportunity to develop scientific skills (observation, data collection and analysis) and personal skills such as leadership, communication and confidence.
  • It’s hands-on experiential learning. Students can use equipment they may not have access to at school and learn to work safely and ethically.
  • It can lead to a greater appreciation of nature and spark an interest in conservation and the environment.

Toad found underneath a log

Here are some comments teachers have made when asked to summarise the learning experience at the Centre:

“Hands-on experience of a wide range of practical skills – enjoyed by all!”

“An excellent programme and rigorous tuition – very comprehensive coverage of the requirement for A2 coursework. The resources and worksheets were outstanding and really helped”

“Pupils learnt a huge amount of ecological sampling techniques. They gained a broader understanding in conservation and environmental studies. All got excellent data an carried out unique and interesting investigations”

A list of the Science courses we offer can be found at  www.field-studies-council.org/centres/eppingforest/outdoorclassroom. For more details of our Science courses ring 02085028500 or email [email protected].

Tuesday, October 2, 2012