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Splish, Splash, Splosh!

That is the sound of lots of children enjoying the muddy puddles in Epping Forest thanks to the lovely people at Shoezone and Stead & Simpson. They came rushing to our rescue this week when we urgently needed lots of new wellington boots.

We had carried out an audit of all our wellington boots and found that many were wearing thin- no surprise really when you think of the tens of thousands of visitors we have to the Centre each year. The situation suddenly became critical with the advent of May and June's torrential rain and in desperation we contacted Shoezone and Stead & Simpson to see if they could kindly help us out. We asked if we could have a discount if we bulk bought a load of boots but they went one better than that and offered to donate 54 pairs of wellies to the Associates for use at the Centre. So a huge thank you must go out to Shoezone and Stead & Simpson who we have now formed a link with for them to provide wellies to the Field Centre. The company does an excellent mail order service which we can recommend to anyone who is in need of some new wellies.

Staff really appreciate the donation

We are now turning our attention to our supply of waterproof coats that we loan to visitors when the weather takes a sudden turn. If you have any waterproof clothing that no longer fits, why not donate it to the Centre? We are also in need of children’s clothes especially jumpers and trousers for individuals that come a little unprepared for the outdoors. We would be very grateful for any donations.

Saturday, June 23, 2012