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Risk Assessments

The FSC has created some company-wide risk assessments which can be found here.

The document OCoP P01 Out of Classroom comprises all the control measures that have been highlighted by the separate risk assessments.

These separate risk assessments can be seen in the Appendices

App 4 Generic Out of Classroom Risk Assessment covers all incidents while out of the classroom environment.

App 5 Generic Environment Risk Assessment shows each environment on a separate risk assessment (eg freshwater etc.)

App 6 Generic Activity Risk Assessments are useful for those who are coming to do specific activities (for example fires or shelter building)

If you are doing a river or pond study with us you should be aware of Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis).  The information regarding this can be found in App 2 Outdoor Disease.

Please note: the Site Working Information Cards and Activity Method Statements should be read in conjunction with our organisational procedures for checking risk assessments.