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Bursary Information

Biological Recording in Scotland & Glasgow Natural History Society

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In order to encourage people to take up the serious study of wildlife, Biological Recording in Scotland (BRISC) and Glasgow Natural History Society (GNHS) are offering seven bursaries to anyone living in Scotland to cover some of the costs of attending a suitable training course in 2017. Up to £200 or 75% of the cost of the course, whichever is lowest, is on offer to successful candidates.  Further details and application forms are available at:


All applications should be submitted to BRISC by 31st January 2017.

In return the recipients of the bursaries will be asked to write a short article for BRISC Recorder News, and/or the GNHS Newsletter and undertake a 5min presentation at the Annual Conference.  Read 2016 reports

The Wild Flower Society

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The Wild Flower Society (WFS) has generously donated a number of bursaries to encourage a wider understanding of wild flower identification among younger people. Anyone aged 18 to 25, who wishes to attend courses in the first four categories of the Flowers and Other Plants section (i.e. excluding ferns, mosses and liverworts, lichens and fungi), is eligible to apply for these grants. Please fill out the appication form and send it to [email protected] For further details or if you have any questions please call 01743 852100.

For details about joining the WFS, the UK's society for everyone who enjoys learning about British wildflowers. Tel 01223 830665 or visit http://www.thewildflowersociety.org.uk

The Botanical Society of the British Isles

The Botanical Society of the British Isles logo

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland offers a limited number of grants for those wishing to improve their identification skills in order to progress their career and/or recording activities. Each grant is worth up to £200 and will be paid to the application on completion of the course.

To apply, please download the form from http://www.bsbi.org.uk/training.html

British Lichen Society

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The British Lichen Society makes small bursaries available for members of the Society needing financial support to attend lichen courses and field meetings. Application should be made to
the President for consideration for a grant through the Wallace-Burnett-Gilbert fund at least six weeks before the date of the course. 

Information about the Society, and how to join, can be found on its website:

Flatford Mill Natural History Bursaries

Flatford Mill Natural History Bursaries logo

Thanks to the generosity of one of Flatford Mill's regular visitors, we are delighted to announce the formation of a special 'Flatford Mill Natural History Fund'. This allows us to award bursaries to young adults, who otherwise may find it difficult to attend one of our natural history courses.

See Flatford Mill's pages for details: http://www.field-studies-council.org/centres/flatfordmill/natural-history-bursaries.aspx