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Bat Detectors and Sound Analysis

  • Centre:  Nettlecombe Court
  • Tutor:  Bat Conservation Trust
  • Dates : Monday 05 August to Tuesday 06 August

This two-day course is aimed at professionals or interested amateurs and will focus on analysis of calls recorded on broadband time expansion or frequency division bat detectors. BatSound will be the primary software utilised (other options may be covered if time).

Prior knowledge: Designed as follow-up to Surveying for Bats.

Equipment: Frequency division/time expansion detectors, recording equipment and laptops.

For booking information and futher details on this and other BCT courses please contact BCT at:

Bat Conservation Trust
Quadrant House, 250 Kennington Lane
London, SE11 5RD

Tel: 0845 1300 228

email: training@bats.org.uk


Bat Conservation Trust.

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