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Developing your Skills in Entomology

  • Location: Juniper Hall
  • Tutor: Martin Harvey
  • Dates: Friday 25 May 2018 to Sunday 27 May 2018
  • Level: Intermediate
  • NON-RESIDENT: £180

Insects are fascinating creatures: many are attractive, and have amazing life histories and behaviour. They also play important roles in ecosystems, for example in pollinating plants and providing food for birds, making the decline of many insect species a cause for concern. Using a mix of field work, microscopes and identification keys this course will explore the huge variety of insects. We’ll help you find and identify insects, and explore their ecology and conservation. This course will explore insects in rich grassland and woodland habitats near Juniper Hall, looking at how to identity them and what we can learn from their natural history. We’ll use a mix of field work, classroom exercises and work with photos, specimens and microscopes. We’ll aim to identify everything we find to Order, most to Family, many to Genus and quite a lot to Species level! Guidance will be given on why, when and how to collect and curate insect specimens for identification, and we will also explore the options for photographing and identifying live insects. There will be sessions on how to assess insects for habitat conservation.

Martin Harvey tutors regularly for FSC and for Manchester Metropolitan University. He is an entomologist and biological recorder, working at the national Biological Records Centre and for a range of clients. He runs the national recording scheme for Soldierflies and Allies.

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