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Edexcel Biology: Teaching Maths and Practical Skills Through Fieldwork

  • Location:  Epping Forest
  • Tutor:  Centre Staff
  • Date : Wednesday 18 April 2018
  • Level: Open for Everyone


This is a one day workshop for teachers delivering the new A (AS) level Edexcel Biology (spec A and spec B).

The course will cover how to:

  • teach required practical skills (including CPAC) using Edexcel Core Practical 10 (Spec A)  and Core Practicals 15 and 16a/b (Spec B)
  • use data from fieldwork tasks to teach statistics and other maths skills
  • use fieldwork to cover relevant specification content and make synoptic links to other areas of the specification
  • plan fieldwork activities for a one day or residential field trip 

This workshop is also available at The Regent's Park (FSC), The Royal Parks on Wednesday 21st March. 

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