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Free teaching resources with Lessons from Nature

Lessons from Nature, a new pan European project, enables participating schools to take advantage of free resources and learning opportunities, all of which use nature as a mentor for re-designing the human world.

The team behind the project has designed the learning to inspire young people with real world learning activities that develop skills, creativity, critical thinking and understanding that will be needed for work in the post oil economy. The project is not about individuals feeling guilt or doing less harm and delaying a point of crisis in the modern world. Instead the learning challenges traditional assumptions about how things are made and how systems in the human world operate and enables young people to re-think the way in which the human world works help them to shape a brighter future that meets their own aspirations.

What will the future look like? What are the models that provide hope for a bright and prosperous future? Activities from the Lessons from

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Nature explore these questions and also develop an understanding of how things work in nature.

‘This project reveals nature as a mentor; a source of inspiration that provides exciting insights into the way we can re-design the human world’ says Steve Bunce, one of the projects architects

‘Nature can be resilient, abundant and very effective and it exemplifies multiple benefits, works with closed loop systems and runs on current solar income. The things that have worked well in the natural world for millions of years can be a blue print for the structures, products, production systems and economies of the future’.

The pan European project has brought together a wide range of educators to develop valuable new learning resources which are available to schools on the project website. It also signposts schools and learners to the excellent material and support available from leading advocates of closed loop thinking like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

As part of the launching of free new downloadable resources, and with support from EU funding  the Field Studies Council is offering free Learning Outside the Classroom courses for pupils aged 12 to 16 (with a travel subsidy) and also free teacher training throughout the summer term.

Schools can get involved simply by emailing lessonsfromnature@field-studies-council.org or by telephoning FSC staff at Epping Forest Field Centre on 0208 502 8500.




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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission DG "Education and culture" - Lifelong Learning Programme/Comenius.  This press release reflects the views only of the author Field Studies Council, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Monday, March 18, 2013