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Specific biology fieldwork courses have been developed for those studying A level biology for the specifications taught from September 2015 onwards.

  • Students will analyse contextualised data they have collected themselves to develop a greater understanding of mathematical skills, which is worth 10% of total marks.
  • Our expert field teachers will lead the teaching during our courses so you can focus on observing individual students for the practical endorsement. You can cover several practicals within some of our courses, saving time at school.
  • Our courses help students embed their learning by spending a longer amount of time focussed solely on the subject matter. This means that students will be well prepared to answer the 15% of the exam marks dedicated to practical skills.
  • Our expert field teachers have carefully selected field sites which provide excellent examples of the ecological concepts being studied to help students answer the ecology questions within their exams; these are the ones they often find the most difficult.