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Exploring colour in the environment

  • Code: OP63
  • Author(s): Bebbington & Bebbington
  • Date: 2001
  • Price : £3.00

Ever wondered why the sky is blue or if animals see in colour? This fold-out chart aimed at KS2 answers many colour-related questions and explores how animals, plants and humans use colour.

A teacher’s guide to exploring colour in the environment, giving details of related classroom activities is also available.

This chart is part of the FSC's range of fold-out charts, designed to help users identify of a wide range of plants and animals. Each chart is laminated to make it shower-proof and robust for use outdoors. Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these valuable resources for all age groups.

The FSC is one of the UK's leading publishers of identification guides, ranging from easy to use fold-out charts through intermediate level AIDGAP guides, to specialist books such as the Synopses of the British Fauna and RES Handbooks.

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