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Digital Technology and Nature

A fantastic combination, right? 

At FSC, you will get to work with and learn contemporary technology and processes, and engage in progressive digital thinking in a charity that cares passionately about first-hand experience of the natural world.

You will be a vital part of an empowered and growing team in its new form as FSC Digital Services, who strive to create the best possible experience of technology for our customers and staff. You will also be part of charity with a 75-year pedigree in making a real positive impact on lives of people and our planet. We’re a team involved in a programme of digital change that will transform our organisational use of technology, both at our beautiful locations and through our use of the web.

A new digital team

The new FSC Digital Services team is in transition from the old IT team. This change reflects our aim to provide a more proactive service to the charity, based around staff and customer needs, working collaboratively with other teams and providing innovative solutions as well as keeping our services up and running. It’s an exciting time of change and growth.

What we can offer you

We don't have all the perks that come with some digital jobs - personal chefs or chill-out zones or multi-coloured bean bags. But we're hoping you're looking for something a little more substantial. We do have:

  • The opportunity to work for an organisation that makes a real positive impact on the lives of people and the planet. Our mission is bringing environmental understanding to all. Find out more about FSC and our values.
  • A small, friendly, supportive and informal team doing big exciting projects.
  • A genuine commitment to develop you and your skills.
  • We will provide the necessary hardware or software you need to get your job done effectively.
  • Some real, varied challenges, and a lot of freedom to meet them in your own way. We welcome your ideas and hope to learn as much from you as you learn from us. Your unique expertise will be appreciated. 
  • Dedicated time to learn and develop each week (we have a Pluralsight subscription for the team).
  • The opportunity to work with some brilliant and friendly people within FSC and our equally wonderful and affable specialist partners.
  • An understanding of your need to be flexible with working hours and to make your work balance with the rest of your life. There are no expectations to work ludicrous hours - 40 hours a week almost always means 40 hours a week.
  • 4 weeks of holiday, rising to 5 weeks based on length of time in post (not including Bank Holidays).
  • A healthcare plan, including cover for optical and dental care, counselling, consultations, therapy treatments (physio, acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy and chiropractic), chiropody, health screening, wellbeing and alternative therapy, concessions on health club membership, and more.
  • If you work on a remote basis, you’ll have the freedom to work where it suits you, provided you can fulfil your work commitments.
  • At Head Office we have damn fine coffee and some equally fine cake (FSC cake is so legendary, we even have a publication about it).
  • Some stunning locations to work at and enjoy.

What kind of work do we do?

Here are some examples of recent and forthcoming projects that we have been working on:

  • Work on crafting contemporary, agile processes.
  • Redesign and development of our academic fieldwork information sites for students and teachers including creation of a style guide and component library.
  • Upgrade to Umbraco 7. We ♥ Umbraco.
  • Working with our Education and Biodiversity teams to improve our collection and sharing of fieldwork data, including building an open data, open source repository and portal.
  • Investing in open source and the biological recording community by building new functionality into iRecord.
  • Working towards an interative website redesign using contemporary web practices such as a modular design system and continuous integration.
  • Rolling out improved connectivity (including leased lines wherever appropriate) across our locations.
  • Implementing digital self-service systems for customers and strong involvement in charity-wide review of our customer booking processes and systems.
  • User testing and research.
  • Trialling the use of a digital platform for delivering online learning.
  • Reviewing and continuously improving our systems for protecting customer and staff data.
  • Trialling products and services to improve our environmental performance.
  • Rolling out Office 365 to all staff, and providing support, advice, training and documentation on how to use Office 365 effectively.

Our current team and what they have to say

James Drever, Head of Digital Services (@jdrever and @fsc_digital on twitter)

I've been working for FSC for fifteen years. I really enjoy working for a charity that is focused on the natural environment, it fits really well with my values and interests - there's always plenty to learn, both about technology and the natural world. I have also relished the freedom that FSC have offered to come up with solutions or new ideas. And right now is a great time to join us: we have implemented a strategy for IT and digital to 2020 that will offer some very exciting challenges and opportunities for the team.

Javi Miguel-Hidalgo, Digital Operations Manager

I’ve worked for FSC for over 13 years now and over this time I’ve been given the freedom to grow and because of this my job has changed dramatically. Working as part of the team has been a pleasure and I have always been encouraged to express myself and my opinions on all matters. Not only do I get to go home every day feeling that I have done my little bit but I feel that what I do contributes to a greater whole. Working in this team is hard work, it’s busy and varied and there is always plenty to do; combine this with our new strategy and digital approach and I can only see great things ahead!

Phil Clarke, Digital Operations Officer

I've been working for FSC for almost 6 years now. During that time I have had the opportunity to further develop my skills through certified IT training. I get to work with great people, sometimes in some stunning locations. My days just fly by, every day is different. I love working with all the latest technology and combining that with the FSC makes this the ideal job for me.

Charles Roper, Digital Development Manager (@charlesroper and @fsc_digital on Twitter)

I have been here just under two years and found FSC an excellent place to work. It's an organisation with a strong sense of purpose that makes a positive impact in the world. It's an organisation full of progressively-minded, passionate colleagues. I have grown tremendously in my time here both professionally and personally. I've picked up new skills. I’ve had my ideas listened to and I've had the opportunity to implement them. I feel like I make a difference here. The opportunity to work remotely, with regular trips to the office, has meant I can bring my best self to the organisation. In short, I believe it's a place where I can set deep roots and build a lasting, meaningful career.

Gary Foster, Digital Operations Officer

I am the newest newbie of the team, having been here just under two months. I already know that coming to work for the FSC has been a great career move for me. It is clearly a place where you can continue to develop and learn and where the staff that drive the organisation are friendly, caring and passionate about the work that they do. I am looking forward to my years ahead with FSC as part of a digital team that aims to do its bit towards bringing “Environmental Understanding to All”.

Where do we work?

The Digital Team is both co-located and remote. The co-located members of the team are based at our Head Office, which is set in the grounds of the Preston Montford field centre and near the River Severn – great places all around to walk, run, relax and think. Remote team members work either from home or from other suitable locations and stay at Preston Montford for a few days each month.

You may also get the chance to visit some of our stunning locations across the UK - check out our playlist of aerial videos for a flavour of what to expect.


Interested in working with us?

We don't have any vacancies at present.

If you have any enquiries, please do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

You can ring 01743 852100 and ask to speak to Charles, you can tweet the team at @fsc_digital or you can email [email protected], and we'll get back to you.

If you're going to apply, you'll need to fill out an application form.