By Melanie Cousins 26th May 2020

At FSC we are working hard to reduce our carbon emissions across all our learning locations in a number of ways including making our buildings more efficient, using greener energy sources and switching to energy efficient vehicles.

How can you help to make an impact on our environment in your day to day life? We’ve got six simple changes that can really help with your carbon footprint:

  1. Go veggie for one (or more) days a week meat production is a huge driver of climate change so reducing or even cutting out meat makes a big difference.
  2. Get moving leave the car at home and walk or cycle for short journeys. You’ll save some money on petrol and improve your health and wellbeing, as well as helping the planet.
  3. Plant some greenery whether you have a garden, balcony or windowsill available, make sure you have a range of plants and greenery in it, not only will you welcome wildlife but plants help absorb carbon dioxide.
  4. Buy a bit less ‘fast fashion’ uses a lot of resources for cheap items, so you have less carbon impact by buying fewer but better quality items which last.
  5. Switch energy provider move to a company which provides energy from renewable power sources. We work with Ecotricity and if you sign up to their energy via this link they will also donate £50 to FSC If you can, invest in your own sources of renewable energy such as solar panels.
  6. Do your research support companies who are committed to reducing their carbon and are investing in a low-carbon future – like FSC! Source food that is locally produced and in season.
Solar panels at FSC’s Head Office