• Exploring Nature Writing – Online

    This introductory online nature writing course will immerse you in the world of nature writing. You will learn some basic practices and techniques, allowing you to develop as a writer, as you take inspiration from nature and hone your craft. Be inspired by nature and bring nature’s power to life on… Read More

  • Enhance Your Nature Writing: Exploration and Analysis

    This intermediate course will introduce you to the roots of nature writing. Creative writers are taken through a series of exciting workshops where they take inspiration from the analysis of a variety of sources and hone their craft. What is covered in this course? The Roots of Nature WritingPhilosophical Nature… Read More

  • Developing Nature Writing – Online

    Using the written word, bring nature’s power to life on your page. Take inspiration from nature, art, and philosophy. Aspiring nature writers are taken through a series of exciting workshops to hone their craft, sketching out the beauty of nature with the written word. What will be covered during… Read More

  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    Mental Health Awareness week (9th – 15th May) is an annual opportunity for the UK to collectively come together in raising awareness and focus on… Read More

  • World Mental Health Day 2022

    World Mental Health Day is recognised by the World Health Organisation. It works to ensuring mental health is treated the same as physical health, and… Read More

  • Botanical Folklore

    This beginner folklore course will look at the history, mythology, and significance of a variety of trees and common wildflower species. Trees and wildflowers have been beneficial in terms of industry and medicine but also sacred to a variety of civilisations throughout time. Their beauty and vibrancy has meant that… Read More

  • WIldlife Courses

    Our courses make natural history come alive by combining some of the best tuition with bespoke course materials. From introductory through to beginner, delivered by tutors online or in-person, each course is written and taught by experts. Heading into summer is the perfect season for botanical… Read More

  • Reptiles and Amphibians – MMU

    This reptile and amphibian course takes a deep dive into identification, ecology and diversity of all the reptile and amphibian species present in the UK, as well as surveying and reporting techniques essential for their conservation. The course starts on the Friday evening with an introductory talk and survey on… Read More

  • Songbird Identification – MMU 2023

    Expand your knowledge of the diversity and ecology of songbirds and the processes that will enable you to identify them and use your skills for all-important recording and conservation. This course will be delivered through a range of methods including practical field work, laboratory identification sessions and seminars with our… Read More

  • Young Darwin Scholarship: Doddington

    Unique opportunity for 18–25 year olds to apply for a 90% subsidised, Darwin-inspired scholarship, combining practical skills and ongoing support.  Applications are now closed If you are aged 18-25 and love to spend your time outdoors, learning about the environment and want to be part of a community of young people who share similar interests, then this… Read More