In Britain we have 18 species of bat, all of which are insectivores, but 1300 species exist worldwide. Many of our native bats are under threat, due to loss of food supply and the loss of roosts and habitats.

Bats are fascinating animals, but elusive because they are invisible and inaudible to us most of the time. On FSC Bat Identification courses you will learn how bat detectors can be used to identify bats in flight, using their echolocation calls

FSC Bat Courses

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FSC run regular Bat Identification Courses throughout the year.For details of our at courses on bats and to learn more about Bat Identification, click the button above.

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Identification resources:

FSC Bats Guide is an identification guide to all 16 British species. The name trail is great for identifying any bats found at rest during the day. The straightforward yes/no questions will quickly guide you to the colour illustrations for each species.