Over 4000 different species of beetles occur in Britain. Their huge diversity in form, behaviour and ecology make them a fascinating group to study and observe but also can make them seem daunting to beginners.

Find out about the lifestyle and varied forms of one of the UK’s most numerous and varied groups of invertebrates. Acquire knowledge of beetle biology, ecology, behaviour and basic collection methods to embark on their beetle journey.

Beetle Courses

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FSC run regular Beetle Identification Courses throughout the year. To learn more about Beetle Identification, click the button above.

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Identification Resources:

FSC Ladybird larvae guide features the larvae and pupae of 26 species in Britain and Ireland. Ladybird larvae are easy to find in gardens and local green spaces, but they look very different to adult ladybirds.Beautiful colour paintings by Chris Shields show the key colours and patterns to look out.

Beetles AIDGAP is an identification guide to the families of beetles (Coleoptera and Strepsiptera) in Britain. Beetles are a large and complex group of insects. Comprehensive identification guides can seem daunting. AIDGAP Beetles offers a more gentle way in.