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Field Studies Council: Bringing Environmental Understanding to All

FSC Vision

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Work with the widest
range of learners

Provide learning of the
highest quality

Ensure the Charity's
activities are sustainable

We will: We will:

We will:

Extend the range of Opportunities for all to experience and benefit from first-hand environmental understanding Exceed learner expectations in the quality of service provided, supported by external accreditation Develop our staff's confidence, competence to promote FSC's core beliefs and commitments
Develop an integrated network of contrasting learning locations with access for all. Build on our successes to influence others to overcome barriers to first-hand experience. Improve our environmental performance and respond positively to environmental change
Inspire, encourage and support first-hand environmental understanding through the provision of high quality educational resources Become the partner of choice for others looking to inspire environmental understanding through first-hand experience Become an increasingly successful charity which is more able to invest in its future

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