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Young Darwin Scholarship

The Young Darwin Scholarship is an FSC initiative to encourage and support young people who have a real interest in the natural world - to develop the next generation of ‘Darwins’

15 Scholarships are awarded each year to young people aged 16 and 17 who have demonstrated their interest and potential.  There are now a total of 105 Young Darwin Scholars from 2012-2018.

All Young Darwin Scholars (YDS) attend an introductory residential course at FSC Preston Montford near Shrewsbury - the home town of Charles Darwin.  In subsequent years the YDS are offered support and other opportunities to develop knowledge and skills.  YDS from different years meet each other at reunions and on subsidised courses.  They build friendships and are also able to provide advice and support through social media including top tips on university and course choices.  Above all they enjoy spending time with other YDS - people of their own age who have a similar enthusiasm and interest for the natural world.

The Young Darwin Scholarship has received support from The Jean Jackson Trust, The Cross Hills Naturalists’ Society Duncan Clough Grant, The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, the Royal Entomological Society and individual donations. Thanks to this generous support FSC is able to provide ongoing support and opportunities for the Young Darwin Scholars of 2012-2018 and for our 15 new scholars in 2019.