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Applying for a Scholarship

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Are you ...

  • Aged 16 or 17 by 31 August this year?
  • Studying and interested in: science - especially ecology, geography, geology or the environment?
  • Interested in understanding more about an area - what lives there (plants, animals and humans) and its place in the world?

Then becoming a Young Darwin Scholar will give you

  • the opportunity to take your interest in the natural world further
  • a chance to think about options for further studies in ecology, science, geology and other environment based subjects
  • a way to find out more about careers working in the environment
  • a chance to meet inspiring people and learn more about their work in the environment 
  • ongoing opportunities, mentoring and support to further interest and develop skills over a number of years
  • the chance to be part of a network of like minded people and make new friendships
  • a scholarship to add to your CV or personal statement 

About the Scholarship

The Young Darwin Scholarship is NOT just a five day residential in August 2019, it’s a long term opportunity for Scholars to meet Scholars from previous years , experts, and receive bursaries to attend FSC courses and reunions to further develop interest, knowledge and skills.  

  • 15 Scholarships will be awarded in 2019 to young people who live in the UK
  • Young Darwin Scholars start by attending ‘What would Darwin do today?’ a 5 day residential course held in Shropshire near the birthplace of Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist and ‘father’ of the theory of evolution from 17 to 21 August
  • The scholarship will cover 85% of the cost of the initial residential
  • Travel bursaries may be available for those with particular financial challenges
  • Following the residential Scholars join the YDS group and are kept informed of other opportunities  e.g. behind the scenes visits to the Natural History Museum and YDS reunions
  • Bursaries are available to attend FSC natural history courses to increase knowledge and skills

How to Apply

To apply simply complete the Young Darwin Scholarship Application Form and return it by email to [email protected]