Available at our adventure centres

Outdoor adventure activities are known to have a multitude of benefits for those who participate, including improved self-esteem, mental and physical health; increased social capital; management of perceived risk and fun! When adventure activities and time for reflection are added into a residential programme, the learning outcomes and long-term impact of the trip are increased.

At some centres in amazing locations, we can offer additional adventure activities during your visit. Keeping the health and safety of students at the forefront, these exciting and challenging activities require additional instructors with appropriate qualifications above our normal curriculum taught ratio, so attract a higher price. View information on adventure activity pricing

Information about the activities and which centres can offer them are below.

The final programme will be agreed with you before your visit. Whilst we do our best to deliver the agreed programme, we sometimes must change the programme due to weather or staffing issues.  Most changes are insignificant and will not affect your trip. If a significant change has to be made we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible. 

Curriculum links: personal development, outdoor education, and adventurous activities


The controlled descent of a crag or rock face, using a rope, is a test of hand-eye coordination, trust and self-belief.

Available at Castle Head and Rhyd-y-Creuau



Paddling in sheltered water in two or three-man canoes is a low impact activity, good for mental and physical health, teamwork and communication.

Available at Blencathra and Castle Head.

Half day or full day.

Climbing wall

Similar to rock climbing but on a man-made, controlled wall. Problem solving, strength and balance capabilities can be challenged.

Available at Blencathra, Castle Head and Millport.

Half day.


Ghyll/gorge scrambling

Ghyll or gorge scrambling is travelling up a mountain stream with plenty of short climbs, slides and jumps to ensure you are truly wet by the end of the activity. Great fun for challenging both the individual and team on many levels.

Available at Blencathra, Castle Head and Rhyd-y-Creuau.

Half day (Castle Head) or full day.

High and low ropes challenge

Low and high ropes activities are carried out under ‘challenge by choice’, allowing the participant to take control of their learning experience.

Available at Castle Head and Slapton Ley (low ropes only).

Half day.

Hill walking and mountain days

Beyond the normal health benefits of exercise, hiking can strengthen friendships, boost creativity, fosters resilience and a good relationship with the natural world.

Available at Blencathra, Castle Head and Rhyd-y-Creuau.

Half day or full day depending on route.

Kayaking, SUP, sailing and surfing

A variety of watersports available in Pembrokeshire, for all the fun of the sea.

Available at Dale Fort.

Half day or full day.

Raft building

The task seems simple – design, build and launch your raft, but it requires planning, communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Available at Castle Head and Dale Fort.

Half day.

Rock climbing

An individual sport which pushes you to your limits, gives a sense of accomplishment and allows you to sample some stunning scenery.

Available at Blencathra, Castle Head, Dale Fort and Rhyd-y-Creuau.

Half day (Castle Head) or full day.

Sea level traversing

The beautiful Morecambe bay coast is explored by climbing over boulders, squeezing through gaps and traversing the border between sea and cliff.

Available at Castle Head.

Half day.


Explore the fascinating shoreline and sea life at these coastal centres, learning snorkelling techniques.

Available at Dale Fort and Millport.