The Field Studies Council is delighted to provide expert-led nature and wildlife courses throughout Scotland.

Coming up in Glasgow:

Trees for Climate Action – Free Courses in Scotland!

We are offering free tree training courses as part of the Trees for Climate Action project. We are fortunate to be able to offer the courses for free to young residents of our target areas thanks to the funding of this project.

Our courses are taught by knowledgeable tutors, sharing their skills and passion for the subjects.

These nature-based courses are designed to support you on a progressive learning pathway. Our beginner courses are aimed at those keen to start a journey into the world of nature and encourage a connection with the natural world around us.

You are able to progress your learning as your level of understanding and skills increase, so you can be sure that your course is at a level to suit your needs.

We also offer online courses, following the same framework, so if you are wanting to attend an intermediate course near you, the online course may help you gain the foundation understanding.