An FSC Biology Fieldwork Course covers many aspects of the content, practical and maths skills required by awarding organisation specifications.

On all our biology fieldwork courses, students will:

  • Observe and be curious, asking questions about the wide variety of ecosystems
  • Consolidate their understanding of the basic principles of ecology and biodiversity through questions
  • Increase ecological understanding and make wider synoptic links related to specification content and beyond
  • Acquire and develop practical scientific competencies and maths skills
  • Build awareness of topical environmental issues and consider behavioural changes they can make
  • Give teachers an opportunity to assess Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) – Practical endorsement

Biology A level

Three Challenges For A Level Biologists, and how the FSC approach can help…

Application, Analysis and Synoptic Knowledge

FSC gives students the ability to collect data in the field and gain understanding of ecological principles, whilst linking to the wider synoptic knowledge that is essential for their attainment in exam questions where they must apply knowledge to make links to wider biology.

Maths and Statistical Skills

FSC effectively teaches students how to choose, apply and justify relevant statistical analysis in context of their own data and unfamiliar practical activities, which will improve their understanding and ability to tackle statistical questions in the exam. FSC also provide resources to teachers and students to support the development of maths and statistical skills throughout their studies and in preparation for the exam.

Applying Knowledge to Unfamiliar Contexts

FSC provides students with the scientific rigour of designing, carrying out, and analysing and evaluating ecological sampling with confidence which will improve attainment in AO3 skills.


  • Required Practicals that can be covered – Sampling, Chromatography, Animal Movement
  • Practical and maths skills through fieldwork


  • Core Practical and practical skills through fieldwork
  • Sampling CP10


  • Core Practical and practical skills through fieldwork
  • Sampling CP10


  • Practical Activity Groups – PAG 3 Sampling
  • Practical Activities – Chromatography 6.1, Dataloggers 10, Animal Responses 11, Research Skills 12


  • Specified Practical Work – Sampling 16, 17, 24 Chromatography 16