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OCR A Specification

"All current and new GCE Biology courses must cover Biodiversity and Ecosystems. Sampling techniques in fieldwork are also part of the new Practical Endorsement in Biology.  OCR understands that these topics and activities can be covered in a school, however, for classroom teachers who may well be less experienced or confident in Ecology, FSC’s teachers offer brilliant support. Undertaking activities at places like FSC centres can give students an invaluable and stimulating experience of the subject."  Science Subject Specialist OCR

These courses have been specifically developed for those studying AS and A Level biology, following the OCR A specification that is taught from September 2015 onwards.

Our inspiring biology fieldwork courses enable students to explore our stunning locations within easy reach of our Centre. They will take ownership of their learning, debate topical issues and develop their knowledge using specially designed ICT and data from real-life ecology projects.

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A Level Biodiversity and PAG 3 Skills2 day

A two day programme to provide students with opportunities to cover and practise the skills required in PAG 3 (OCR A Module 4Biodiversity, evolution and disease).

Elements from the following will be covered:

Module 1 Practical skills in biology – the students will develop various skills which will be useful both for the written examination and the practical endorsement.

Day 1 aims:

  • To study biodiversity in two freshwater ecosystems (woodland and meadow ponds).
  • To investigate the effect of trampling and or management on a plant species.

Day 2 aims:

  • To compare the distribution of ground flora in a deciduous and coniferous woodland ecosystems.

Students work independently in the second session to collect and analyse data from a deciduous woodland, allowing teachers to check them off for PAG 3 skills.

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