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Primary School Trips in Worcestershire

FSC Bishops Wood located in Worcestershire, West Midlands is an excellent base for pre school trips. At Bishops Wood Field Centre we offer opportunities in both fieldwork and adventurous activities for pre school and reception age children. From Literacy through landscape to wilderness bushcraft designed to encourage problem solving and teamwork.

We aim to inspire pre school and reception age children, hoping they will come away with a passion for the environment just like all members of our team. We do this by immersing them in the natural world, taking in sights, sounds, and smells and making sure they get their hands dirty.

Bishops Wood provides beautiful wildflower meadows, ponds and glades all inside 70 Acres of land. By having fully sustainable buildings and a hand crafted Saxon village means Bishops Wood helps bring education to life. Located in the West Midlands just 15 minutes off Junction 6 on the M5 means it's easily accessible for day visits.

The content of our pre school trips provide memorable experiences that children may not otherwise get the opportunity to do. They also keep all children active and engaged throughout the whole of each session; we believe children benefit the most from participating rather than watching others.

Katy the Caterpillar1 day

Meet Katy and her friensd as we look at life cycles, camouflage and habitats through stories and activities. We will explore woodland, the meadow and our pond to find the challenges Katy has left us. Observing closely and using simple equipment we will identify bugs and creatures in these different habitats.

Available March to October.


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Where the Wild Things Are1 day

We will spend the day outdoors in our wonderful woodland bringing this classic book by Maurice Sendak to life. We will make 'wild things' from clay and create our own musical rumpus. As we recreate scenes from the book the children will use their imagination, creative skills and problem solving to play freely and engage with the resources.

Available all year round.


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Three Little Pigs1 day

A hands on day, using this well-known traditional tale we will look at different materials used to build houses. We will consider if they are natural or man-made. As we recreate the story we will build and construct with straw, sticks and bricks for our little pigs, but will our houses be strong and stable? Will the wolf manage to blow them down? A fun and interactive day.

Available all year round.


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Enchanted Woodlands1 day

Join us on an exploration of our woodland, through games, craft activities and earth walks. We will explore the mammals, plants, invertebrates and mythical creatures that live at Bishops Wood. As we learn about woodlands we will take a look at animal’s basic needs, make shelters for woodland animals, you can go to a smelly cocktail party or create a fairy garden to take home. A flexible and adaptable programme that can be tailored to bring in specific stories or woodland activities to suit.

Available all year round.


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Root Shoots and Magic Beans1 day

An exploration of the importance of plants. We will use our senses to discover how plants feel and smell. We will look at the parts of plants and their roles through creative activities and Earthwalks. We will spot and look for the signs of the season and consider the importance of bees. This day Also involves collecting and planting seeds relevant to the season you visit us.

Available all year round.


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