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Pupil Reviews

Why would you like to visit Bishops Wood again?

  • It’s fun!
  • You get dirty!
  • You get to make choices and create things!
  • Make fire!
  • I love the woods there, I live the tents there, I love everything there especially the nature

What did you learn whilst you were at Bishops Wood?

  • How to identify trees from leaves
  • Squirrels don’t live inside trees but up trees
  • All about Roman soldiers - how to make a straight road, how to build a Roman tent and origins of Roman words
  • I learnt how the Romans built tents, how they made roads and I learnt about the amphitheatre
  • How to become a Stone Age traveller
  • How to save water, energy and recycle things
  • I learnt what jobs the Saxons did
  • The Saxons built thatched roofs out of straw and a hole for the smoke from the fire

What else do you remember from your visit to Bishops Wood?

  • All good, shelter was great, staff were all wonderful – can’t wait to come again next year
  • Very friendly and welcoming environment
  • The one thing that really helped me was seeing what they lived in and how they cooked
  • That the building was really cool!
  • I remember it was awesome because of the things it had about our topic
  • Being hunter/gatherers

Letters from pupils who have visited:

"Dear Bishops Wood,
I wanted to say thanks you for everything, I loved it.  The most exciting thing I liked was building the den.  My second thing I liked best was making the clay pots and the last thing is the copper brooches.  In the afternoon we went to the workshop and we made copper brooches.  We made a funny shape when I hammered it.  It was fun."

"Dear Bishops Wood,
I am writing to say thank you for letting me stay on an amazing trip.  I had so much fun and I was so excited. I really enjoyed making brooches and making pottery also making shelters.  It was loads of fun. I really enjoyed my time there and I hope I can come again."

"Dear Bishops Wood,
I am writing to let you know how grateful I am for you letting us visit. My favourite part of the morning was when we found the Saxon Hall and my other favourite part was making the brooches.  I found the Saxon Hall really interesting because of the wooden carved statues and the fire pit.  The reason I liked making the brooches was because I got to use a hammer and I have never made one before."