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Field Studies Council: Bringing Environmental Understanding to All


Blencathra Centre Environmental Policy

1. The Field Studies Council is committed to providing Environmental Understanding for All.  FSC Blencathra will take cognizance of the ethical implication of pursuing its mission and corporate objectives.

2. FSC Blencathra will comply with environmental legislation and, in areas where legislation is inadequate, approved codes of practice.  FSC Blencathra will co-operate fully and maintain open relations with all regulatory authorities.

3. FSC Blencathra will assess the environmental aspects of its products, projects, policies and operations, with a view to reducing and controlling environmental impact.  It will maintain an Environmental Management System throughout its operations and sites to address the use of energy, raw materials, water and waste.

4. Whenever practicable, FSC Blencathra will seek for continual improvement in its overall environmental performance, based on assessment and identification of priorities for improvement.

5. i) FSC Blencathra will foster an understanding of the environmental issues arising from its operations amongst its employees, members, customers, partnership organisations and the local community.

ii) FSC Blencathra will seek, as far as is practicable, to require its suppliers and contractors to contribute to meeting the environmental aims of the organisation.

6. FSC Blencathra will report publicly on its environmental objectives and performance through the FSC’s reporting procedures.

7. An Environment (Ecocentre)Working Group will be maintained. The Head of Centre will ensure that the membership represents the experience, expertise and interest of  Blencathra staff. The Working Group will be chaired by a Senior member of the Academic Team.

8. The Working Group will make regular reports to the Head of Centre and review, if and when necessary, the Environmental policy.

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