FSC | Field Studies Council

Field Studies Council: Bringing Environmental Understanding to All


The Field Studies Council at Dale Fort is committed to minimising our negative impact on the natural environment. We monitor our environmental impact and try to reduce it wherever possible.

Dale Fort’s Eco-Code:

  • Minimise the waste the centre produces by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.
  • Care for all natural habitats and leave every place as we would wish to find it.
  • Use only the water that we need.
  • Save energy by switching things off when we have finished using them.
  • Our kitchen team prepare fresh food daily using local suppliers and selling Fairtrade products (where possible).
  • Spread our message to every guest.
  • Above all, we try and make environmental stewardship a priority in our everyday activities.

The programme of projects to improve our environmental performance has included the installation of solar panels at Dale Fort.