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We work with local partners such as the National Trust, RSPB and Dedham Vale AONB. This work is predominantly involved with increasing visitor numbers to the area as well as jointly running environmental education activity days during the year for members of the public. We have also recently been working together to develop a solution to reduce the flood risk in the area when the current protection procedures become unavailable.

A Code of Practice...

Around Flatford, we work with a few stakeholders in the area. With Suffolk Coastal and Dedham Vale AONB, we have been sitting on the Visitor Management Committee group for the area. With the AONB and Natural England, we have initiated an educational management process for Shingle Street - a coastal area we use on a regular basis. We have established a Code of Practice for visiting groups to the area and manage a booking process for local groups and schools to help ensure the study area does not suffer too much with regular or inappropriate use. We will also be collating and publishing all the research data gathered by the various schools and organisations for the benefit of interested parties.

Supporting local schools...

When possible we support local schools, working with them to improve their outdoor learning provision. We also host an Outdoor Learning Conference at Flatford to help increase local schools and teachers confidence with accessing the outdoors to assist learning.

Outdoor learning...

We have worked on a Latvia / Southend-on-Sea outdoor learning initiative with a series of visits to schools in the area, a programme of activities run at FSC Flatford and FSC London and a visit to Latvia. This is proving to be very successful with the objective of increasing awareness and developing skills to provide outdoor learning in schools.


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