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Please make sure you leave feedback with us, here is some from other schools:

  • Students have gained a very strong understanding of the environment. – Amsbury School – February
  • Food amazing!  Cake amazing! – St Anthonys – March
  • Excellent course. Very knowledgeable tutor. Well planned/delivered sessions with excellent resources. Thank you we will be returning – Friends School –April
  • Some had experienced the countryside for the first time – Our lady of Lourdes – April
  • High quality teaching enhanced all learning. The scope and range of activities kept it all going extremely well – Harvington Prep – May
  •  Very little could be done to improve the field study. It works exceptionally well, as it has for many years. Booking is straightforward, the FM tutors are always well organisaed, positive and helpful to the children - who gain a huge amount from this investigation. It meets CE requirements perfectly. Old Buckenham School – June
  • The fieldtrip was beneficial as it allowed us to carry out fieldwork we wouldn’t be able to in an urban area. It was also useful to go into case study detail which is easily applied in exams. Pupil at Mossbourne Academy - January

  • By engaging in the research techniques practically, I am now much more confident answering Unit 2 exam questions. Pupil at Mossbourne Academy - January

  • Having an expert in the local area teaching us was really beneficial. Teacher at Mossbourne Academy - January

  • I enjoyed the hands-on approach and activities. It was the right balance of practical field work and analysing the data. Student at STEM Academy - July

  • I enjoyed the field work, as I liked the way we developed sampling skills and practical awareness.  Tutors made the practicals seem simple and explained every point.  This  was a grand event in my search for knowledge and it allowed me to develop my sampling skills. Student at STEM Academy - July

  • Flatford mill is the perfect place to conduct a field investigation from start to finish. I believe this continuity and in depth knowledge is key to student success in exams and also as a developing geographer. (Teacher Capital City Academy)

  • Students had an amazing time completing their controlled assessment. Not only did they witness geography first hand but also the team building skills and for many it was their first experience of staying away from home. Most as inner city students have no experienced an environment as different as Flatford Mill and enjoyed the countryside and the lack of street lamps! Life skills such as sitting down together and serving one another – something many had not had the opportunity to do before, (including making beds!) group work when the weather was bad in order to gather data and extensive learning until well into the evening. (Hornsey School)