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FSC Northern Ireland has developed a range of courses to prepare your students for CCEA Unit 3: Fieldwork.

Based on the requirements set by the CCEA for the written examination assessment, the purpose of these courses will be to conduct fieldwork which enables students to plan, prepare and carryout a fieldwork investigation. Students are encouraged to engage with their chosen topic, learn how to apply what they’ve learned to various situations and scales, and feel confident answering questions covering a range of fieldwork contexts.

Students will plan their fieldwork investigation, collect primary data and gather information that can be taken back to school or college and be used to put together their fieldwork statement and table of data. This can be done on one of our day courses, either our 6-hour standard day or 8-hour extended day, during which we offer students a vast range of data sources and can facilitate a range of data collection techniques.

Each course will cover one of the key themes from either UNIT 1: (Understanding Our Natural World) or UNIT 2: (Living In Our World) of the CCEA specification and helps students to:

  • Identify, analyse and evaluate geographical questions and issues
  • Establish appropriate sequences of investigation incorporating geographical skills, including enquiry skills
  • Extract and interpret information from a range of different sources, including field observations, maps, drawings, photographs diagrams and tables
  • Evaluate methods of collecting, presenting and analysing evidence, and the validity and limitations of evidence and conclusions
  • Prepare and apply health and safety risk assessment to their study including identifying hazards, risk and control measures.

Unit 3: Fieldwork – Physical – Fluvial Study1 day

Students will carry out a fieldwork investigation based around a chosen fluvial topic, issue or question related to Unit 1 (Theme: A). 

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Unit 3: Fieldwork – Physical – Coastal Study1 day

Students will carry out a fieldwork investigation based around a chosen coastal topic, issue or question related to Unit 1 (Theme: B)

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