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Big Green Days

FSC Nettlecombe Court actively seeks out opportunities to work with other organisations that have similar values to our own. One way we do this is as a member of the Somerset & Exmoor Environmental Education Network (SEEEN). SEEEN is a loose coalition of several organisations based in Somerset and Exmoor, all of which have a commitment to 'learning outside the classroom' in common.


One of the biggest and most successful ways that SEEEN works together is in the of 'Big Green Days'. These events have been located at many different locations in the area, either hosted by a SEEEN member or at an outdoor location that has a particular relevance to the activities on the day.  Free to primary schools local to the event location, the days are different every time, but always have a variety of outdoor activites delivered by members of SEEEN. This is a great way for the many SEEEN organisations to work together to give the schools on their doorstep an experience.


Exmoor Discovery Weeks

Every summer since 2007, FSC Nettlecombe Court has given local families the opportunity to complete the John Muir Discovery Award. This is aimed at families wanting to get outdoors and explore their environment around them, while having lots of fun along the way! Four days of adventure, based on the Award's four themes of Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share, usually result in families that are happy, challenged, successful and tired!


This year we will again be running an Exmoor Discovery Week, where we will be running more activities in and around Nettlecombe, to enable families to gain their John Muir Award. This year's dates are Monday 27th July - Thursday 30th July, with an optional overnight camp at Netlecombe on Wednesday 29th. Days run from 10am - 4pm and with the course being subsidised by FSC, the cost is just £25 per family - a bargain!


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