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IB - Geneva

A very impressive course, delivered with clarity and humour, As always the food was amazing and kitchen staff super accommodating. Excellent knowledge and awareness of IB requirements. Excellent relationships with students.

A-level – Nailsea

Met the needs of the students and their exam spec very well. Really impressed with the use of ipads to collect and present data. Use of GIS excellent which engaged and challenged students.

A-level – Highdown

Outstanding as always, Excellent quality teaching, great motivation, interactive, fun, stimulating.

A-level Fortismere

Excellent as always. The attention to our students care is excellent. Organisation is fantastic. Engaging and thought provoking course as usual – the introduction of the padlet was a nice touch. Good knowledge of the course and excellent geographical knowledge of the locality.  Your care and attention to detail is outstanding, both in terms of students care and teaching. I love bringing the students here.

A-level St Swithuns

ICT is always very god and improves year on year.

A –level Cornwall College

Continues to be a very informative trip that meets expectations and helps to develop students skills, Particularly with regards to ICT. Contextualised lessons really well with field work. Lots of content covered in a short space of time, but done in an effective manner. Adapted to changing field and classroom direction to take on board the dynamic environment / discussion.

A level KES Bath

Fantastic tutor – pitched it just right with our group. Always positive, helpful and has that all important sense of humour!

A level SSSO

The use of GIS and data collection using ipads, very appropriate to the exam spec. All task / fieldwork was delivered creatively and students were engaged.

A level Redland Green

The teaching has been great – some of the best FSC tutors we’ve had in the past 4 years. Catering was great! The best FSC food we have had in the last 4 years.

A level Brynteg Kate Perna

Met the demands of the new specification, especially the various qualitative and quantitative data collection and statistical tests


GCSE  Newlands

Tuition clear – excellent rapport with students

The best food I’ve had at a field centre. Lovely teachers lounge – much needed after a long day!

Made the stay really comfortable with lots of little luxuries not experienced on most field trips, at the same time striking a balance with a useful and productive educational experience

GCSE City of London

“This was a unique and exciting experience for all pupils involved. Not only did this trip enhance the pupils’ geographical understanding and give them the opportunity to succeed in their Geography GCSE, but for many, this was their first visit outside of London to the coast, giving them an opportunity to experience true British countryside. This experience has broadened many of these pupils’ horizons, giving them a sense of place outside their norm. For many pupils this was a once in a lifetime trip