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Our Risk Assessments

You will find essential information on FSC policies and risk assessments in our Customer Information Document

The FSC's vast experience has given us the opportunity to establish effective policies which are reviewed continuously by our Health and Safety Committee.  Our Codes of Practice exceed Government and Local Authority Guidelines. 



FSC Orielton like all FSC centres, has been awarded the Quality Badge by The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom by demonstrating that we consistantly deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences and manage risk effectively.  This should help you cut down on much of your paperwork.  You can download a copy of Amershams LOtC Certificate if required.

All field sites have been carefully surveyed and fully risk assessed.  Information about the FSC approach to Health and Safety and our Operating Codes of Practice are available here.  FSC Codes of Practice are consistent with the National Guidance of the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel.

Our Site Working Information Cards (SWICs) are continually updated to ensure that every site we visit is safe and suitable for the fieldwork that we carry out there. The final decision on which sites to visit is made immediately prior to a visit and is determined by current weather and site conditions.

Outdoor Diseases - If you are visiting a river as part of our fieldwork, please be aware of the risk of Weils Disease (Leptospirosis). Further information on what to watch out for is available in Appendix 2.1 in our Customer Information Document.  FSC Tutors will advise students on necessary precautions required on the day of their visit.

FSC Staff - All of our Education Team and Duty Staff are DBS cleared.  FSC tutors are fully trained in first aid, water safety and group management.  A qualified first aider is available at the Centre at all times and all field tutors carry dedicated first aid equipment. 

Duty of Care -Please note FSC staff do not have Duty of Care for the students.

Insurances - Details of our Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance can be found here

Download our Quality Badge certificate

Download our Quality Badge certificate