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Arranging Transport

Travelling to the centre

You need to arrange your own transport to the centre, Click here for instructions for coach drivers arriving at the centre. We can suggest using First Travel.

  • First Travel is working in partnership with the Field Studies Council to help reduce the cost of travelling to any FSC Centre, using their coach and rail network.
    First Travel Solutions is part of the First Group of companies, the UK’s largest surface passenger transport company carrying 2.7 million passengers each day.
    For a quotation ring : 0844 854 2560 or email  www.firsttravelsolutions.com
    When calling for a quotation please identify your enquiry as an FSC referral in order to receive preferential rates.

Alternatively please contact the centre if you would like contact details of local coach operators.

  • Arriving by train, we can provide a pick up from Pembroke Station - the cost will depend on the number of students, please ask for a quote.

 Travelling to field sites

Transport can be provided by FSC Orielton This will either be in a centre minibus or local coach provider depending on the size of your group, and the cost will reflect the length of the journey. This needs to be pre-arranged once the timetable has been agreed with your tutor. Please advise us if any of the accompanying school staff are minibus drivers.

There is no charge for fieldwork sites within the centre grounds

Alternatively if you have your own school minibus you can use that to travel to field sites. Please inform the centre if you will or will not have space for the course tutor to travel with you. Some schools keep the coach they have used to travel to the centre for the duration of the fieldtrip – depending on circumstances, we may be able to accommodate the driver at the centre, or can suggest alternatives nearby.