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A Typical Day

A Students day at FSC Preston Montford

The residential experience at an FSC centre is a really important part of your fieldtrip because if you are comfortable, have had a good night sleep and regular healthy meals you will be able to concentrate and maximise your learning.7:00 – Wake up

  • 8:15 – Breakfast and Collect packed lunch

You are given a choice of cereal and cooked breakfast. Everybody eats together in the dining room, sitting in small table groups and make you packed lunch for the day (bring your lunch box)

  • 9:30 – Meet your tutor (timings during the day may vary)

A full day of fieldwork will be delivered by an experience FSC tutor, exploring our stunning fieldwork locations.

  • The Picnic lunch that you made earlier will be eaten at an appropriate time in the day, this is a chance to relax and take on energy for the afternoon session of data collection.

Once back from the field work there will be a chance to have a break and a pieces of delicious homemade cake.

  • 5:00 – Follow up work from your fieldwork day.
  • 6:00 – Dinner

A selection of hot food is served, again in small table groups, where you are expected to serve out the food to each other and work together as a community.

  • 7:00 – Follow up the data collected during the day, to include data presentation skills and statistical analysis.
  • 8:00 – Free time

All centres have shared spacious common room facilities with comfy seating a TV so you can relax after a full packed day. Some centres have other facilities or access to hire games or sport equipment. Free time is managed by school staff but there is a 24hour duty system so a member of FSC staff is never far away.

  • Bed time (Decided by school staff)

Bedroom sizes and type vary depending on centre, but you will be provide with bedding, it is very important you get a goodnight sleep, ready for the next busy day

  • 10:45 – Overnight outside doors are locked with code locks by the duty member of staff for your security.

* The centre shop will open at least once during the day. (Times will vary for each centre).
* Waterproof and wellington hire will be available during your stay. (Times will vary for each centre).