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Rhyd-y-creuau has been awarded a Food Hygiene 5 rating from the Food Standards Agency, for our high standard of cleanliness, structural solidarity and confident management, an award we are proud to maintain.


AALA Licensing

Rhyd-y-creuau holds a licence from the Adventurous Activities Licencing Authority (AALA) allowing us to deliver mountain walking, outdoor rock climbing and gorge scrambling activities with groups of young people. These activities help to develop team building & personal skills, while offering a unique view of Snowdonia National Park and its environments.

Quality Badge

Rhyd-y-creuau has been awarded the Quality Badge by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, by demonstrating and sustaining high quality teaching and learning experiences with effective risk management.

John Muir

Rhyd-y-creuau is recognised as an award provider of the John Muir Award to groups. We aim to help groups value nature and care for the wild places we use as our fieldwork sites, promoting a culture of environmental awareness and sustainability.

Met Office

Rhyd-y-creuau has been officially recognised by the Met Office as an active participant in the collection of daily weather data for over 20 years (since 1976).


Carbon Trust

The FSC have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard. The Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon publicly recognises an organisation's efforts in reducing carbon emissions and provides tangible proof to its employees, customers and suppliers that it is committed to making future reductions.


Gold Shield

Rhyd-y-creuau has been awarded a Gold Safety Shield from Moorepay for our very high standards of health and safety management. This signifies our commitment to ensuring a safe and positive learning environment for all.