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At FSC Rhyd y creuau we continually aim to improve the service we offer. Understanding what our customers want and acting on their feedback is important to us. Here you will find a summary of feedback from the last 6 months and what actions we have undertaken based on that feedback. All group leaders and individual learners receive a feedback form whilst at the Centre.

If you have visited the Centre and would now like to give us feedback, please fill in our online form.

Or if you would prefer to not fill out the form please feel free to ring us on 01690 710494 or e-mail us [email protected].

Last 6 Months of Feedback

Mountains make me jump!

  • Brilliant, Sam has been excellent - experienced, knowledgable, calm and approachable - Great with the students. Perfect for G1 and G2 investigations, additional A2 theory and skills for WJEC. Teacher, Hereford Cathedral School.

  • Fantastic!  Thank you once again for a great day - the students really enjoyed it.  The quality of what you deliver is just what they need for exam prep. Teacher, Formby High School

  •  The benefits of these residential trips are two-fold. Firstly there is the academic side where the students receive intense geographical teaching for three days from field work experts. Their understanding of the controlled assessment element of their GCSE and of the rivers unit more generally is excellent. This is borne out in the results our students obtain for this unit and their GCSE grade overall. I am without doubt that this is in part due to this trip.
    As significant as the academic achievement though is the social aspect of residential visits. For many of our students, this will be their only experience away from home this year and to spend time with friends, in a secure environment is invaluable. KS4 Teacher St Edmund's Catholic Academy, Wolverhampton.

  • Absolutely superb! Knowledgeable, well delivered, excellent! Charlotte was brilliant - knew the children well and taught at their level - Enthusiastic!KS2 Teacher - Fairstead House School,Newmarket. 

  • I know I said this on the trip but thank you so much for everything that you did on the trip. I had the pleasure of seeing you work and teach and your instructions were clear and the classroom sessions were fantastic. You made the effort to get the pupils to think and to engage them which I appreciated. You were energetic and made the effort to make sure that pupils were collecting and recording the data accurately throughout the whole trip. You made sure pupils had understanding and you didn’t leave them to their own devices.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I didn’t work with Leah but my colleagues have also said that she was very good.

  • Thank you very much again and if we conduct such trips again we shall certainly be using the centre again! Teacher - St Alban's Academy, Birmingham

  • We have just booked up for 2016 and you only just had room - you are doing too much of a good job!
    Our AS Physical Geography paper was last week and the kids nailed the flood management, slope processes, flood impacts and fluvo-glacial features questions thanks to our very successful field trip.
    Richard Penny, Head of Geography, Cheltenham College

  • The Geography field trip to Wales in February 2014 was full on and couldn't have been more educational. On the first day we got to experience what geography fieldwork is all about and how researchers gather data and statistics. There's only so much a textbook can teach you, so getting outdoors and seeing the river's processes, landforms and profile was extremely useful and couldn't have been done any other way. Although the journey was quite long, it was definitely worth it as we all felt very far from London, which again added to the experience. The trip was essential as we have an exam on it, which counts towards a large chunk of our A level. It would be very difficult to sit this exam without the trip as we would have to imagine measuring techniques etc and make up the entire fieldwork. Getting out and doing it was a different way of learning and makes a change to making notes and memorising from a book.

    Seeing landforms in situ on the second day brought the textbook to life and gave everyone a real understanding of what they look like, where they are located and how they were formed. This is key knowledge for our other exam - unit 1 - as we are often asked to 'describe and explain' glacial / fluvioglacial landforms or processes. It was also really great to have an expert teach us about these things and give us some background information. Stoke Newington School,Hackney

What shape is this valley?

  • Just what the doctor ordered. Made the completion of controlled assessments easy for students. We loved every meal and seconds. Pete is officially the man! Sacred Heart School,Southwark,London.

  • Students were able to undertake fieldwork on coastal defences on the Criccieth coast which was a fantastic learning experience for them and also managed to complete the full controlled assessment write up in the time they were at the centre. This has benefited students greatly as they have now completely finished their controlled assessment unit which is worth up to 25% of their overall GCSE grade.

    Staff at the centre were friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. I feel the staff build excellent rapport and relationships with the students during their stay and seemed prepared for any questions that were presented to them.

    The centre provided an unforgettable opportunity for student development. Not only with regards to their controlled assessment and geographical education but also the experience has helped to build up their communication, teambuilding and social skills. Teacher.South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy,West Midlands.