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Our Risk Assessments

Rhyd-y-creuau Centre like all FSC centres, has been awarded the Quality Badge by The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom by demonstrating that they consistantly deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences and manage risk effectively.


FSC is passionate about the health and safety of all its visitors and aims to function in a safe and secure manner so that visitors can focus on fully immersing themselves into the environment and their chosen activity. With over 70 years of experience we have been able to establish effective policies in all areas where sensible care and attention is required and these policies are reviewed continuously.

Risk-Benefit Approach

We support the risk-benefit approach to risk assessment for our outdoor activities that has been adopted by both HSE and RoSPA. The benefit of taking acceptable intellectual and physical risks can be seen in the growth and development of young people.

We are committed to the delivery of High Quality Outdoor Learning and we appreciate and assess the risks associated with delivering over 3 million learner hours of outdoor learning every year. A detailed risk assessment for activities and locations is undertaken which forms the basis of a dynamic approach to assessment by trained staff whilst in the field. 

We know that we cannot remove all risk so we adopt control measures to mitigate risks to an acceptable level. Remaining risk is weighed against the academic and personal benefit of undertaking the activity whether it be a formal education programme, adventurous pursuit or informal learning and outdoor play.

We support the OEAP National Guidance for the management of outdoor Learning and have aligned our internal processes and procedures to be consistent with this where applicable. See their advice on access to risk assessments here.


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