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Criccieth Coastline

 Criccieth is an intrguing coastal management case study, with a large number of different types of defences withing a 500m stretch of shoreline. The town is situated at the edge of Snowdonia National Park, on the West Wales Coastline. Here you will find a number of recources to support your fieldtrip to FSC Rhyd y creuau, including an ESRI Storymap with embedded links and secondary infomation, Google Earth tour of coastal management and coastal landforms at Criccieth, 2 minute videos introducing the site, key handouts we use and background information sheets incase you want a bit more indepth site knowledge.

If there is something you think would be useful here or you have a question not answered in these resources, please get in touch with us at [email protected], let us know and we will get back to you.

Download Criccieth risk assessments here


Criccieth Esri

 Coastal Management at Criccieth- An ESRI storymap


Google Earth Coasts Link

Coasts sites on Google Earth

Criccieth Video

A video overview of Criccieth, its defences and coastal processes

Coasts A-level intro sheet
Coasts GCSE intro sheet
Coastal defence notes and bi-polar evaluations
Criccieth map for students to annotate
Defence cost benefit and evaluation
Beach profile recording sheet
Criccieth pebble recording sheet
Cailleux Roundness chart (pebble investigation)
Powers Scale Roundness chart (pebble investigation)
Lesson Plan (A-level)
Background information on Criccieth Coastline
Background information on the Shoreline Management plan